Curse Of Conception

by Spirit Adrift

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Earthbound 07:21
Messages lost They drown in roaring waves of life It ends with us Time paralyzed We did not listen Future but a memory She is not risen Dead celestial energy We’re bound to the earth Enslaved by life We’re bound to the earth Imprisoned in our minds Sanctuary From the unforgiving void? Or are we buried? Tomb upon an asteroid We seep reprieve Terror of existing But we won’t leave Until we stop resisting
You shape reality so you can feel sane Constructing fantasies so you won’t feel pain At the mercy of your feeble brain Ruled by forces from beyond this plane World gone blind, psyche in decay Aeons out of time, running out of days Cursed at conception Doomed by perception Prey for redemption Blessed by extinction Primordial senses been neglected too long The ancient nothingness is growing too strong You blame each other as your mother’s laid to waste She blames you all because you’re one and the same An energy so pure Corrupt at birth It was never our fate To be saved
Pain that I taste Sweeter than the solace of escape Better to suffer Than crucify and lie to one another Fall endlessly Lose everything Or live relentlessly And learn to fly on broken wings Strong enough to lose Longing just to breathe and bleed Hard enough to choose Desperate enough to believe I was born with a fire And yearn to fly higher To fly on broken wings
A certain silence in the cold A certain feeling that is old More primal than the knowledge that we hold Unweaving all we know Suffocating in this emptiness Enshrined beyond the stars Our sorrow echoes, limitless Forgotten what we are There is a reckoning that comes Every lifetime all at once Every truth will be undone We will loathe what we’ve become Fear of knowing we were wrong Too terrified to realize what we have done Can’t accept that it’s too late There’s nothing left to save It crashes in a wave This planet is a grave
Forged in hate, no escape Fate of those that made me Dismal verses disobeyed Betrayal in eternity It is the same, burning in my veins Consumed by visions, premonitions or insane Beyond pain, rage past explanation Possessed by violence, graveside invocation Senses stolen, torn from earth Death, rebirth, ascension Void of all that doesn’t hurt Tearing through dimensions We are the same Fire inside our veins Never will obey Rise again Hardened by the pain Accept the blame Consecrate your name
Like grains of sand These moments slipping through my hands Genesis repeating Time and space is fleeting You spoke to me of death when we were dreaming You spoke to me of god when we were wide awake Though I felt each word and knew its meaning I have no recollection of the answers that await Who will save me from the curse of life you gave me? Turn away Yearning for your universal grace Reunite Burning at the center of all light I’m older now than you were when it ended Entangled in a dream, not nearly as forgiven Committed to a world no longer vivid Expected to remain, a ghost among the living Who will save me from the curse of life you gave me?
Wakien 03:12
Time encompassing more than we know Living and dying, fear of losing control The inescapable fate of growing old Illusions will never divide the current flow Never moving on Only moving in Never being without Only being within Life returning to chaos again Wisdom discovered, unmothered from where it began The answers ingested, this catalyst created man The power and purpose inside breaks the trance


While Spirit Adrift made many take notice with their debut album “Chained To Oblivion”, it is on “Curse Of Conception” their stellar second album, and first with new label 20 Buck Spin, that the band has taken a giant leap forward in songwriting prowess, production and confidence. From the Metallica / Priest like opening moments of ‘Earthbound’ to the epic closing of “Onward, Inward”, Spirit Adrift are aiming sky high with burning focus and peak vigor.

The aforementioned ‘Earthbound’ is a standard bearer for album-opening songcraft, leading into the colossal title track, a grungy and twisting radio-ready crawler. ‘To Fly On Broken Wings’ & ‘Graveside Invocation’ continue to show that any of the eight tracks on ‘Curse Of Conception’ could stand as featured singles. Throughout the duration brick heavy riff assembly, somber southern atmospherics and grand melodies entwine flawlessly into perfect metallic majesty, exemplified succinctly and totally in the instrumental ‘Wakien’ for example.

With a host of fantastic albums released by their contemporaries lately, Spirit Adrift has taken their craft to an ascendent new level on ‘Curse Of Conception’ earning their rightful place among the top tier of modern metal bands clawing their way above and beyond the underground scene. Now more than at any time metal has become the lifeblood of rock music and Spirit Adrift offer ‘Curse Of Conception’ as an embodiment of that perseverant vitality.

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released October 6, 2017

Engineered and mixed by Sanford Parker
Produced by Spirit Adrift and Sanford Parker
Mastered by Collin Jordan
Front cover painting by Joe Petagno


all rights reserved



Spirit Adrift Austin, Texas

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